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Intra is a product of Lifestyles. This Canadian company has existed since 1989 and now it has millions of satisfied customers in over 30 countries. Why?

Why is Lifestyles products good for health?

We are living in the world of stress, modern technologies, cities... Our bodies are weaken. We are suffering from lack of physical activity. Our food is full of preservatives, colouring, chemistry. How to make our body clean?

Lifestyles has chosen natural way. Its products content herbs and they are mixed in such way, that the effects are multiplied. We know effects of herbs - but what they can do together? 

The most known product of Lifestyles, Intra, joins modern knowledge and aged experience (for example Chinese medicine).

Intra, what does it do?

Intra joins influences of invidual herbs into one product. It contents such herbs like Reshi mushroom, Ginger or Thyme and much more (full list you can see at this page). Everyone of them has its own healing effects, but they impress best together. 

When start with using Intra? Intra impresses againts civilizational deseases. If you are suffering from allergy, weak immunity or if you are after a surgery, Intra will help you. You can read more about Intra here.

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